Down is the layer of fine feathers found underneath the outer feathers of adult ducks, geese, and other water birds. These feathers provide birds with warmth and insulation, which is especially important in water and colder climates. It is because of this insulation property that our superior comforters, pillows, duvet covers, and feather beds are made with down. In addition to the insulating properties of down, it is lightweight and thus cooler in warm weather. These attributes make down a very desirable choice for bedding and comfort.

In addition to natural down, Phoenix Down Corp. manufactures down alternatives. Down alternatives are generally made with polyester fibers that mimic the loft and insulation of natural down. For some people, the preference of synthetic down stems from a reduction in allergens, lower cost, and easier care. However, our high quality down products rarely aggravate allergies and provide superior warmth. The Choice is Yours.

Where do your Feathers and Down come from?

Feathers and down are commercially obtained from ducks and geese which are primarily raised for the meat. We stress that the the feathers used in Phoenix Down products are a by-product of the processing of the fowl.



What is Fill Power?

Fill power is the number of cubic inches per ounce of down.  Fill power ranges from 300-750 cubic inches per ounce.  Phoenix Down uses a fill power of 650 or higher. Our fill power insures that our products are soft, light resilient, warm and fluffy.



What is Thread Count?

Thread count equals the number of threads per square inch.  Phoenix Down uses thread counts from 230-720 threads per square inch.  The higher thread signifies a tighter weave for a softer feel to the fabric.



How is the Down Cleaned?

Phoenix Down washes our feathers and down 8-10 times with special antibacterial agents before they are used in any of our products. Our strict standards are much higher then the standards required by the government. Our rigorous cleaning process removes all dirt and dust creating products that are consumer friendly.


All of our down and feather products are also hypo-allergenic as a result of our revolutionary Ultra Clean™ cleaning process that removes all dirt, dust and other impurities that can be found in most other down products.




Our UltraClean™ Process is Available in Fine Bedding Stores Nationwide.



What are the Benefits of Down? 

  • Down retains heat better then synthetics thus keeping you much warmer.

  • It is very breathable so it will lift moisture away from the body eliminating perspiration.

  • Down is long lasting so you can enjoy your product for years to come.

  • It is light and fluffy so it will not feel heavy on your body.

  • Down is very luxurious and comfortable so it will improve your nights sleep. 


What types of Comforter Construction are there?

Phoenix Down uses several different types of construction:   

  • Baffled Box is considered to be the best type of construction.  A baffle box is a small perpendicular wall that is sewn from top to bottom of the comforter where each square ends. This baffled wall allows the down to expand to its highest loft without any cold spots and is not able to shift.

  • Sewn Through Box is when the fabric is stitched straight through the comforter. This keeps the down in place but does not create the same loft that a baffle box does. Typically this construction is used for lighter weight comforters.

  • Double Diamond construction is created by a computerized stitching pattern.  This is similar to a sewn though construction because the down is held in place by the stitching.  The double diamond stitch creates a very unique look because the comforter has the appearance of diamonds on it instead of the usual square pattern.


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